Career TectonicsTM was founded to serve successful professionals who are tired of letting pride and a paycheck keep them stuck in “good jobs” that are bad for them. Clients receive training and mentorship to help them break free of their energy draining, joy killing jobs and shift into careers that are aligned with their values, talents and financial goals. Worried that your dream job will make you poor? If a career pivot doesn’t make enough money, it doesn’t make any sense – and we’ll help you discover your career sweet spot.

Shifting careers once you’ve established yourself in a field is hard. Staying in a job that muffles your creativity, drains your ambition or literally makes you sick is unacceptable. But too many people accept that situation because they don’t know how to break free. Or they don’t see how they could do what they love and generate enough income to support their lifestyle.

Career Tectonics’ training programs include one-on-one coaching to walk clients through the processes necessary to break through the financial, personal and social pressures that keep them stuck and stifled. Our clients also learn how to prepare themselves for the duration of a career transition, and strategically develop and evaluate career options that are aligned with their gifts and criteria for professional success.