I was a lawyer, unsatisfied with my job and ultimately with my career, when I asked Jennifer for help. Jennifer became my touchstone, helping me clarify what I wanted for my life and encouraging me to explore my options. I ended up deciding to change careers entirely. She has been fantastic at making me feel heard and giving me the confidence to think outside the box in pursuit of my goals. I’m so thankful I went through the process of re-evaluating my career choice. Now, I’m in a career that feeds my soul. Jennifer helped me improve the arc of my life. She can do the same for you.
Lisa Patrick, M.D., Kaiser Permanente


I have known Jennifer Jackson for several years, and I’ve always been impressed by her ability to think strategically about issues and solve them creatively, intelligently and thoughtfully. Jennifer has served as both an ally and coach, helping me to evaluate my career choices and set realistic goals for myself with appropriate action steps. She has always been able to challenge me but has done so in a way that softly broadens my perspective and allows me to see a problem in new light.
Jonathan Becks, Vice President of Business Development, Jaffe


Jennifer is an excellent listener and is able to solicit a frank, thought provoking conversation. Jennifer has a strong character and she is not afraid to be extremely candid about what you need to do or stop doing to meet your objectives.
Leticia Barcenas, Technology Project Manager, Tribune Publishing